MusmusiKwela Program

Musmusikuwela and Musikabataan

          In 2009, the Music Museum Group Inc. put up a search for new and potential singers of ages 8-12. In this endeavor, the Music School of Ryan Caybayab served as the training venue for the initial 12 scholars that have been chosen from more than a hundred who auditioned. The Musmusikuwela program ran for the whole school year, with the scholars having classes every Saturday. These specially constructed classes include vocal performance, ear training, sight-reading, stage movement, ensemble singing and individual voice lessons. There were four evaluation periods that the scholars had to pass in order to complete and graduate from the scholarship program. A culminating recital was presented at the end of the schoolyear where the final scholars performed individually, and as an ensemble, capturing all that they have learned and rehearsed in their classes. This recital was staged at Teatrino, Promenade Greenhills.

musmusikuwela - with ryan cayabyab on piano - the music school of ryan cayabyab - voice lesson

          The following year, the Music Museum tapped an older age group: the teens. 13-17 year old auditionees tried out for a spot in the 2nd scholarship program that is called, Musikabataan. 11 were chosen but in the end, 9 graduated.

musikabataan - stage presentation - the music school of ryan cayabyab - voice lesson

musikabataan - batch2 - the music school of ryan cayabyab - voice lesson

The Musikabataan program nurtured great talents from this age group, that the following year, the Music Museum continued to support the top students from this group, calling them the Musikabataan Advance, while simultaneously training a new breed of Musikabataan scholars. The Musikabataan program contains the same classes as those with Musmusikuwela, with more maturity and depth in the learning process. The Musikabataan Advance on the other hand had additional classes in theory, solfege and vocal improvisation.