Summer Classes

14k Program

14K Program (7 to 15 years old)

TMSRC 14KThe 14K workshop provides children aged 8-12 years old with techniques, exercises, and opportunities for singing, dancing, and playing instruments. The 14K student will have had a proficient and full structure of performance and musicianship. This includes basic music theory, understanding the singing mechanism of the body, and learning how to be an intelligent singer and performer. The student is able to explore and develop further his/her talents that may be known and unknown to him/her through various musical and theatrical exercises conducted in class. A recital is mounted at the end of the summer course where all the elements learned are applied by the 14K student.

14k program - singing children - the music of ryan cayabyab


Street dance (13 years old and above)

This is a music and movement course that introduces the student to the element of rhythm, among others, whereby expressivity through the use of the body is made.  Various exercises help the individual achieve readiness in performance.

Music Theater

Music Theater

musiktheater - summer classes - the music school of ryan cayabyabThe Music Theater Workshop imparts to students basic knowledge of Musical Theater and its elements of voice, movement, and acting. Knowledge about other elements like props and costume making, backstage and technical duties aside from performing are taught as well. Students are able to practice creativity and confidence through the activities and games that help them experience firsthand how to get a certain theatrical value or element. A recital is mounted thereafter wherein all students are included in the cast to showcase concrete application of their learnings in the course.

This course does not cater to only students but to homemakers, office workers, professionals, hobbyists, the curious and even grandparents as well!


Harmony: Practical Application in Songwriting and Arranging Workshop with Mr. C (18 years old and above)

Singing Showstoppers duet - summer classes - the music school of ryan cayabyab

MTTh, 6:30-8:30PM

This introductory course includes lectures and activities on how harmony can help you write your song.  Knowledge of basic harmony is required.  Knowledge of keyboard and/or guitar is an advantage.

Singing Showstoppers - summer classes - the music school of ryan cayabyab